Frank Libeby has designed this garage renovation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

As its name suggests, it was done largely in the destruction of the existing garage.

The result is, a series of four one-story offices, with a half-level garage and two-story garage, both situated in the top two floors.

The Project by Frank Libeby:

“Frank Libeby spent more than six years working on an interior renovation and facelift of this 6,500 square foot, East Village home. Other than the front steps, the extensive kitchen/living/dining area, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, guest room, home office, two bedrooms and a true mezzanine, were all gutted. Frank designed the flooring, millwork, and skirting board ceiling. He also executed the wood furniture and design of the kitchen, assembling a unique blend of natural and industrial materials.

With minimal materials and traditional skills, Frank built a light, airy room, complete with a glass enclosed study. Other features include a built-in curtain unit and built-in storage.

He designed all of the custom furniture, creating an utterly unique and elegant living room appearance. Due to direct architectural and structural constraints, Frank’s original ceiling heights were reduced to 38 inches (110 cm), which was the result of several later construction revisions.

Despite the size and form of the room, Frank Libeby created an incredible master bedroom with four bays and a suite. The headboard is made of light cotton, and hides both plumbing and a dressing room.

Several other revisions were made to the bathroom, from new steam bike storage to an upgraded filtration system.

The home owner is a international family, and Frank Libeby has become a successful entrepreneur. He has become a new face for his family.

Each project is small and meant to help the home owner further his passion for design and create a unique identity.”

Photos by: Stirling Elmendorf

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