It was more than a few days ago when the owners of a small coastal cottage on a narrow site located just off the beach of one of the most popular surfing spots in the world arrived to this amazing transformation that would be the result of a major outdoor & limited-grade surf beach renovation. During this brief, Foster and his team needed to accomplish two things; first find the perfect site to build their house and second to find a way to efficiently & economically manage the footprint and building envelope, while making sure to preserve the unique and coastal cottage style of the land. The owners eagerly agreed to the design that would utilize the backyard as well as possible, while simultaneously creating a new entry, a covered open living area and a connected open deck, that the house could be both a part of and separate from. The outdoor oasis was created in the form of a beautifully landscaped steel box that extends through the center of the property, partially cantilevered over the garage, aesthetic & functional, blurring the lines of indoor & outdoor.

From the street, a wide hail masonry garage door juts into the ground leading to a ramp with decorative cut-outs, leading to a veranda clad and screened porch, as well as one liter wet bar for the homeowner’s two daughters, one of which resides on the property.

Once inside the box, the view is unobstructed; opening the rear view all you want to see, you can actually see two trees framing the front yard with their trunks visible from the back deck, or you can look outwards to take in the backyard views.

The main living space of the home is a large gourmet kitchen, with top of the line appliances, full range head appliances, wine cooler and elaborate wall decoration. Fully caveated under a large expanse of glass, the kitchen is easily accessible, with minimal disruption of privacy.

With the back yard and pool area flooding under the main residence, and a staircase or deck running along the back of the residence, this deck would be an extension of the living space. The two bedrooms and bathroom are more private, separated by a bathroom curtain.

These rooms are on the 2nd floor. Above the kitchen, accessible ceiling fans (operated by a pulley) allow for cross-ventilation, heating and cooling, when desired. The roof of the garage serves as a terrace to allow the home to be open to the exterior for beautiful views.”

Photos by: Sam Sestri

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