New Orleans-based studio Dixon Architects has designed this renovation of a garage located in New Orleans, New Orleans, USA.

Garage Renovation in New Orleans by Dixon Architects:

“Located in a corner lot in the Jefferson Randolph Fire District, the design for this renovation of a garage in an old house on a small infill lot led to the overhead roof extension and garage door structure. It was important to maintain as much of the house as possible free of overhead structures so the new structure can be fully open in a way that allows for large window placement and for super effective cross ventilation.

When the judgement was made about the historic value of the house it was decided to keep the existing garage but to add a section covered in custom pebble soil to create the driveway and raised deck. By injecting temporary bedding for the deck it made it possible to create a large outdoor living space that was not only usable during the warm summer months, but also the perfect backdrop for a colorful gathering of friends.”

Photos by James Foard / Foard / Photography

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