Located in downtown Miami, Florida, USA, the recently renovated garage was designed by Marshall Architects.

The project includes an expansive parking space, as well as a serene garden.

Garage Renovation in Monroe Hills by Marshall Architects:

“The challenge was to convert two separate buildings into one affordable family home in the African-style enclave of Miami. The winning design team was led by Ralph Nauta, and Luca Parsons, who together with collaborator Hammer Lee Stothers created a team that adored researching architectural concepts and working directly with the clients to transform the project to their clients’ specifications.

The team initially accepted the house as a bait for potential future developments, such as an affordable rental unit but ultimately opted to develop the project on a wider scope. The project incorporates extensive site visits with the neighborhood, public officials, and the neighbors. This commitment courters the community and homeowner to maintain a large part of the land while also taking advantage of the unique views and immediate neighborhood setting.

With these site visits, Ralph Nauta realized that it was important to respect the original proportions and wait for the community to embrace the garage as a design element.

The designers also envisioned that the new construction would utilize environmentally responsible materials, materials that could be found in the neighborhood, and materials that could be salvaged prior to the renovation.

The team set a strict budget of $550,000, but opted to supplement some of that with additional alterations and additions to accommodate the clients’ needs.

The design is organized around a central courtyard that provides visual connection between all main living areas. The courtyard also helps to provide privacy and soundproofing, reducing the noise from the street and complementing the existing audio and visual capabilities.

The building features a 1,000 sf garage, a storage room, a half-assessed office, and an additional guest apartment.

The main requirement for the renovation was to create a larger front yard where a line of sight for residents cars would be possible.

The renovation respects these requirements, even as it continues to make use of concrete and steel for unique reasons (the building is tall and narrow).

A large operable window was redesigned so that it can be opened and closed continuously, transforming the living room, dining room, and kitchen into one large room.

A simple concrete path brings visitors through the house from the parking garage to the front yard.

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