This garage renovation by David Jameson Architect is located in Layton, Australia.

The project was conducted in 2012 and resulted in a unique mix of modern and traditional.

Garage Renovation in Layton, Australia by David Jameson Architect:

“This small site lies in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, in a moderate block of heritage redwood, dominated by a single storey weatherboard residence.

The proposed home is laid out around a minimal upper level that acts as a breezeway between existing and future heritage elements – the fragile foundation of the temporary residence.

The main upper level is flanked by a guest studio, bathroom and fitness room that overlook the entry down the street.

Two bedrooms and a bathroom are located in the lower level, with the kitchen and living areas on the main level and all bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper level.

An envelope of minimal dimensions compensates for the loss of natural light over the upper levels with large expanse of windows and opaque filtered glass panels that cocoon the internal spaces.”

Photos by: John Gollings

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