The client’s brief brought with a limited budget, unusual site constraints and extreme views. After careful consideration, the architect has decided to make a clear distinction between the public and the private space so that the new structure is visible to the neighbors. The owner’s and the architect’s partnership has brought together a bold façade with large windows and curtains that really make a difference; a material palette of stainless steel, glass and concrete that doesn’t mask the views. The result is a renovated, multi-floor building with a variety of outdoor recreational spaces.

One of the most important points has been the insertion of an underground garage. It was converted from the work garage of the previous owners. To make use of the available space, part of the foundation of the building has been excavated. This has created a concealed camera box, which either can be screened by sliding panels or left uncovered. It can prove to be a good thermal insulation as well as a nice speaker grill when it gets late. In the end, it was the client’s bright choice that made the entire process all the more pleasant and functional.

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