Garage décor has always been the art of bringing together the old and the new and creating unique and practical storage solutions. This beautiful garage dining table is the perfect example of how innovative furniture designs can truly elevate a piece of furniture and transform a space.A dining table is a perfect way to decorate a garage and allow you to display all of your beautiful items in a more visible area of your home.

This beautiful garage dining table is made from heavy gauge steel and will easily provide you with a clean place to display your family photos, plants and other items that you would otherwise only need in a cluttered garage. The table is simple but very unique and has a particular look to it. The dark blue is rich and is the perfect color partner to the light brown upholstery that it has on its legs.

Its only upholstery is upholstered in Finnish linen with a polyester trim. The legs of the table are made from slightly larger squares that look like giant waxwings which gives the table an unusual look and makes it great for a room with high ceilings. It has a rectangular top and the legs are centrally from each edge, so that every plank of wood is level, which is great for binding together pieces of furniture. The table is perfect for a traditional home, but can be very well purchased for a more affordable amount. You can have it now for $600.

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