Renovations are very difficult projects, especially when you are planning to replace the entire floor or some of the rooms. But even a small renovation like this one is harder. The idea is to focus on the details, especially when you are planning to restore the building to its original beauty. Everything must be in sync, including the staircase, to get a new staircase,ios- a new roof, tiles, new windows, gates, refrigerators, fireplaces and so on.

The owner of this house is a very creative person who loves to travel and check his surroundings, to admire the beautiful architecture and to use hi-tech devices. As a result, he decided to try to decorate this house to match his style. As a result, he decided to redecorate the entire house, even changing the rooms, while keeping the original color palette.

He used authentic materials and even kept the construction system. For example, the huge wall from the first floor was covered with hand-laid tile, a very expensive and original detail. The floor originally covered with concrete has been removed, as well as the heating and air-conditioning systems. The property also includes an alley, a garage, a lounge and two-bedroom, three-car garage, a hot tub, a beautiful garden and beautiful flowers.{found on wsj}.

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