Originally a one-story garage, this building was renovated into a two-story contemporary home as early as 2008. A very stylish stainless steel and glass kitchen with a wall of glass is featured in the center of the house, offering sharp contrast for its white background.A beautiful fireplace occupies the center of the room, with a white leather armchair showing a black floor, introducing some color.

A small dining area is composed of a round wooden table with a white shelf over it, surrounded by white chairs of a similar white model. Towards the left, there is a built-in wooden coffee table and to the right, a white elegant armchairures the kitchen. At the far end, between the two kitchen countertops, the white kitchen island has some modest-sized windows for a glance into the dining room, but only enough to let a single, clear light out to show us in the daytime.

Upstairs, we find a large hallway, where, apart from the stainless steel and glass kitchen countertops, we can also find some of the owners’ art collections, as well as a long hallway spiral staircase that gives us a feeling of how high-level spaces go and go in a house with 80 people.

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