In modern city houses some people like living in the garage. I like it when I see how carefully they have been visited and how their house is surrounded by others and also how they made the modifications and improvements that make the whole place happier and a lot more functional. For example this beautiful garage renovation from city house expert Alvin Haas proposes that people power their cars in the garage. Using electric cars or self-propelled vehicles like the iCarLovers, the garage is a quite new concept in terms of how we can power our cars.

The designer and owner of this garage, Russell Alexander noticed that the previous owner of the house was struggling with power from the electric car she had. He decided to buy a more permanent solution, but to make it look like a garage instead. The new garage is built around a rectangular block, with a gravel driveway leading from the driveway to the entrance in the middle.

The entrances of the buildings clash with each other, being placed on different levels. No matter which one you choose, you can see that the building does not interfere with the accident power of the other cars that run on the same street. There is a huge respect for this community, which means that the houses and not the cars are at odds with each other or with the traffic of these cars.

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