This apartment renovation was carried out by YSIA and consists of interior and exterior design. The living space has been separated from the kitchen to create a common area. Natural light has been integrated to the whole space, and the result has been the creation of a very elegant and detailed bathroom.

The bathroom is located at the rear, away from the social area and opposite to the entrance. In order to receive natural light all day, the bathroom features a series of large skylights placed at the top. It also has indirect lighting system, designed to allow the natural light to travel inside the bathroom and create an airy and welcoming atmosphere.

The living space that has been designed separates the kitchen from the living room and dining space. The kitchen is modern and comfortable, and has plenty of storage space. The living room is also located on the opposite side of the kitchen, away from the dining room and kitchen. Once again, the fact that the space benefits from the natural light and from the views that this apartment receives, proves to be an excellent detail.

At the center of the living room there is the dining area, with open bar and a fully equipped small dining table. When the dining table is not used, it can be used as extra dining space.

Just outside the living room there is a newly renovated bathroom. The design is minimalist, with white and simple colors, and the glass wall allows views of the newly designed plexiglass bridge. The bathroom is fully equipped, with a bathtub for two and a sink. On the other side of the bathroom, a shower area has been created, which is adjacent to the bathroom.

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