Renovating the garage is often a walk in the park, but sometimes there are some serious problems that need to be tackled before the renovation starts. The latest example is this spectacular apartment located in Canton Bluff in the heart of The Charnfield, a narrow inner street in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa.

The lifestyle of the new owners did not leave too much room for creativity and originality. The demands of the brief were satisfied by means of an original moulding, display areas and storage systems. The distribution of spaces was in the ground floor, and the retention of features was made to match the original configuration.

The neighborhood may appear rather conservative at first glance, but the facade of the Arts and Crafts Museum is far more charming and eccentric than you would imagine from the pictures taken only a few meters away. One of the most impressive features in the apartment is the mosaic of different handwriting that appears above the closet, and once a day, the fingerprints of the owners will be definitively marked by a clean sheet of glass.

One of the nicest spaces in the house is the bed and bath, that is surrounded by three inches thick glass that allows you to see the outside view from the comfort zone. Moreover, it was used the entire space, and the usage of light colors and natural shades made from wood is ideal in this unique space.

The kitchen and sanitary room were functionally divided according to use. The kitchen is close to the entrance, and the front is fully equipped with a sink that could also be considered a bar, perfect for breakfast or a quick snack. The living room was traditionally separated from the bedroom, but with the construction, it is now allowed to be by all means.

The bedrooms are small, but very inviting.

Not all the apartments in this building offer you the possibility to have a private pet. Checkerboard flooring and minimal accessories and lighting solutions, plus the glass walls and wooden features transform this apartment into a perfect place for a cat lover.

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