Renovating the garage is usually a way to get a new and fresh look. It’s also a way of making the old one more visible. In this case, the owners of this garage chose an interior décor that suits the garage. The new look was the result of the collaboration between interior designer Steven Harives and General Assembly.

They had to reorganize the space and changes had to be made. They ended up with an isolated and minimalist décor that lets you see nothing but the white walls and white ceiling. They also added two small black columns that made them look more like than empty, with black portholes. Polished concrete floors define the entire garage.

The space is also defined by the white painted brick walls that made it more like an interior museum than an exterior home. The rest of the décor is better organized and the whole décor is more quiet, making this place feel very inviting.

There’s also a reflective pool here, another perfect addition. The black and white combination is timeless and will always look beautiful. The overall décor is well balanced and the result is a simple, casual, elegant and quite chic home.

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