Floor renovation is a project usually defined by a new building being added to the old one or so its value having been reduced by the alterations. But what about a renovation of the whole house? It has to do with the decoration, furniture and overall interior design of the house.

It’s the case of this light-filled renovated Havana Club floor. It’s located in Havana, Cuba and it was designed by Jackson Clements Burrows. The team had to renovate the whole club, renovated bathrooms and its lobby, dug a small patio and made a smoker’s lounge.

The focus was on using light as the main material. The architects used extensively natural light and created a relaxing, serene but also refined atmosphere throughout the whole club. They wanted to make sure that the furniture and accessories used in the new design were versatile and that they could be mixed and matched in a variety of ways to create the desired effect. They played with different materials and textures in order to obtain the final look that you see now. Overall, the designer managed to deliver all that he had in mind.

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