This apartment renovation was carried out by Cary Bernstein and the project dealt with the complete renovation of an open space located in Syracuse, New York, USA.

The interior is elegant and has a neutral color palette, making it feel both comfortable and spacious.

Floor Renovation in Syracuse by Cary Bernstein:

“The project consists of a complete floor renovation of a large duplex penthouse located in a modern building in Syracuse, NY. Using a strategy of stacked box-like volumes, the designer aimed to create a variety of intimate relational spaces that could be divided off the main living areas thus creating the appearance of multiple smaller spaces. This strategy also allowed the residential spaces to be open and unobtrusive with the rest of the penthouse enhancing the open concept and accentuating the unique curved shape of the apartment.

Clad in dark walnut and cool grey stone, the home is designed to be a calm sanctuary from the outside world, blending into the larger design theme of the penthouse. The large windows are designed horizontally along the outer length of the apartment, affording each room a beautiful view of the outside world.

The vast ceiling of the living and dining room extends to the outdoor terrace, the curved skylight frame the view into the sky, and the kitchen blends right into the background to ensure a seamless integration into the rest of the space. The repeated palette of materials emphasises the volumetric expansiveness of the project.”

Photos by: Alberto Biscaro

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