This apartment was renovated to satisfy a couple of simple-minded people, and left them in its old, boring state. The apartment is located in St. Petersburg, Russia, and covers a total area of 64 square meters. It was designed by SVOYA Studio, and was completely renovated in 2016.

The apartment consists of two areas – living room and kitchen – plus a common room and a basement. Due to the small space, the designers built an interesting mini hall that connects the two areas and allows easy passage from one end of the apartment to the other.

A narrow pool table serves as a resting area for a few friends near the lounge area.

The once gloomy living room was now bright and filled with light thanks to the glass walls that connect it to the balcony outside.

A small kitchen with decor that almost borders the walls is located in the center of the apartment, surrounded by two large mirrors that give it a sensation of amplitude. Two small windows, one on each side of the kitchen, bring natural light to the little area nearest the sofa.

The second bedroom, where the bed is positioned on the right side, is a more romantic version of the living room we’ve just described, with a simple, casual décor and a small wooden desk placed in the center.

The bathroom, clad entirely in white, is illuminated by a series of skylights that lead down to the basement level. It has walls and floor covered in wood, and a small wooden bathtub occupies the space near the sink.

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