This modern residence is a renovation and rebuild of an historic bungalow overlooking Highway, in Shreveport, New South Wales, Australia.

It was designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects with the intention of creating a comfortable family home.

Floor Renovation in Shreveport by Shaun Lockyer Architects:

“The requirement of the client to renovate and reinform their 1920s two storey, single storey semi-circular house drew the focus of the project. From the outset the house had been clad in a mixture of fibro exterior tile and post WWII weatherboard cladding. It also had a prominent ‘shabby chic’ feel and the transformation needed to be complete to achieve the desired results.

A major design consideration was the need to provide a more open plan layout that would facilitate the flow of light and space from the existing rooms to the new extension and the practical benefits of the space to the North. Further still the need to provide a more intimate family home was provided by the arrangement of the two existing bedrooms on the ground floor compared to the one upstairs. It was desirable to maintain as much of the outdoor space as possible with the external deck and garden dominating most of the site as well.

The result is a plan that is characterized by light filled spaces, the front of the house somewhat closed in order to focus attention on the garden, and large open spaces that flow from the internal living areas to the deck and garden with each area housing a different function. The kitchen is in the new addition with a custom island bench from Murphy. The dining area is positioned by the rear of the space to concede a greater visual space to the kitchen, and the space already has a closet and bathroom.

The entrance hall has been inflated to 4.7m, creating rain-water storage, and is clad with frosted glass, creating a space that is almost like a relaxing spa looking out onto the gardens. The ground floor is divided between the kitchen on one end and the living area in the other by a hallway that runs along the entire length of the house. In addition, the deck and gardenlands of the rear provide a venue for outdoor gatherings, promoting the family activity between April and October.

The renovation still retains the traditional character of the original house with the addition of new spaces that articulate the extension and create cozy new interior spaces. New openings allow sunlight to penetrate deeper into the house, and dark spaces are highlighted by concealed entry circuitry. The rear addition incorporates a new bathroom with a custom custom vanity and freestanding long tub. The new addition connects the existing house to the rear garden by introducing a new framework for the garden beyond. A skylight is inserted at the request of the client to bring in light on those above the new bedroom wing which previously had no access to its northern aspect.

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