This clerical center located in Santa Rosa, in Spain was renovated by QTHR in 2017.

For books, magazines, and other publications, it was converted into two small apartments.

For apartments in downtown Santa Rosa, the original building was used as a personal office, and for apartments in the second and third floors are two separate sleeping lofts.

For apartments in the fourth floor no one uses it, because it is a high-density area, with very small exchange openings, and many small rental shops barely emerging in the area.

The renovation project was defined as a singular, clean renovation of the space to be converted into two lofts in the fourth floor of a large loft-style apartment.

The first loft-space was conceived as an open room with no partition, completely transparent to the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. Two distinct areas, the study and the living room form part of the room, opening different views from the rest of the apartment.

The second loft-space was designed as an enclosed area in the fourth floor, leaving the study room open to the rest of the apartment, and the bathroom in the bedroom.

When the doors in both lofts are wide open, the space between the windows becomes larger, making it possible to install fixed windows that leave large portions of the room out of sight.

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