Mark English Architects have completed this renovation of a floor in a historic building in San Francisco, California, USA.

The building was constructed in 1896 to house some artists who produced their own work.

Floor Renovation in San Francisco by Mark English Architects:

“What was once a sad cellar is now a cutting-edge, three-floored residence by the Bay Area’s Mark English Architects.

Occupying a single story street, the layout of the existing interior spaces was reconfigured to make it fit a modern family’s lifestyle.

The street level is cleared to allow a generous outdoor area behind the house, for automobile and pedestrian entry, and an abundant window wall to capture the back view.

The rear of the house which is the access street has been transformed into a master suite with a large balcony facing west, framing the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge and the view beyond.

The entire interior of the house was done out in tropical wood, with no filler. The hope is that this graceful home will be one of the few houses in the neighborhood that feature a exterior of this magnitude, and be a voice in the changing architectural landscape.”

Photos by: Bruce Damonte

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