We just love the incredible renovation of the Carraig Ridge home by Relapsimundi Architects. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, just a few hours from Omaha, the house is an L-shape four bedroom six bathroom house (with one side moderated by a courtyard). The house is organized in a ‘large’ in depth building with a cardio style underground carport (roofed over the entry). The architects designed a multi-activity wall with two connection points on each floor, including an entrance hallway with a staircase, and an inner atrium with skylights and porticos trees. One of the trading floors is the dining area leading into the kitchen, the party wall and the dining area. The two floors are connected via a stairwell and an elevator.

The initial concept of the house was simplified and refined. The living and dining area was moved into the upper floor, one of the two main bedrooms (one of which can be used as an office for business teams). In order to open up the space and brighten it up, the existing window wall was removed and the new pilot light was inserted. Also, glass doors were made part of the interior design.

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