This modern renovation project was made by Randall Mars, a Melbourne-based interior design studio. Its owner wanted to give his new home’s interior a complete look by updating it from the current style. The budget for this project was 200,000 euro. The renovation was completed in 10 weeks.

The goal was to make the house a little more spacious for the growing family and to make it feel more airy and spacious. Besides doing that, several other changes were also made. The color palette was changed in order to create a stronger contrast with the rest of the house and its previous dark and impersonal appearance.

The wooden floor was painted white throughout and the rooms were decorated with darker colors that later would become highlights of the décor. The rooms were divided into two volumes. One volume includes the living areas and the other includes the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The living area is definitely the most eye-catching part of the house. It’s partially reflected into the ceiling and is the most colorful room of the house, with orange walls, a colorful rug and large windows and mirrors that let the natural light get inside.

The staircase that connects the two floors is also a new addition. It’s very interesting how the staircase almost seems to float in the air, especially when there are two floors used for different purposes.

The second floor was also renovated. A glass railing was installed between the ceiling and the floor that leads to the swimming pool. The staircase connects these two floors and, even though there’s a big difference in ceiling height, the staircase is surprisingly comfortable.

The second floor is used as a study and workspace. It has a small bookcase, a desk, a chair and a round table. It’s a private space but it’s also a part of the social area, being exposed to the surroundings and the airy space it’s become.

As for the color palette, the walls have been painted white and they’re complemented by tones of brown, beige and sometimes brown in various shades. The furniture is simple and has a casual look.

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