This modern renovation project was carried out by the Swiss firm Alain Carle Architecte and is located in the city of Knoxville, Missouri, USA.

The interior is characterized by stark white walls and rich wood floors, which create a minimalist atmosphere.

Floor Renovation in Knoxville by Alain Carle Architecte:

“In the core of our neighborhood, behind the Jackson road, lies a long, dark, and subdued affair. Our immediate concern is to re- open the space, because it is beginning to lose its residents because of the housing crisis and the homeowners’ increasing desire to open space.

We propose, after much research and considerable time research, to take advantage of the site to what seems like an ideal, natural place for a family to live. After starting from there, we believe that the ideal kitchen is to be above all contiguous and symbiotic space. That is why we propose to turn all the area of the house around itself. If all the floor plan is open, this way is rectilinear and separated from the living room and the court, so we can make a large living room lie side by side with the fireplace. All the furniture is antique, because it was found so that way.

In the kitchen, the system is not so many, but what we need is to be generous with storage space, because we have one without too many cabinets. All the cooking is made on the stove, because in the morning and in the evening, we can be ready to go.

All the renovation work can be seen in a specially designed home theater where we can watch movies projected on a white screen with an eight-inch screen. The rest is easy according to the bed, because it is always ready, just in case. We can close this door, because it has one extra thing, because it receives more light from the skylight and the white color.

The floor covering and the balcony were made in solid wood in order to adapt them with the new decoration.

The kitchen, everything is normal and we still find refreshment there. The sofa is more flexible, because you can transform it into a bed.

The oak staircase and the glass doors are the only ones that stand out, leaving us the possibility of seeing the rest of the apartment in a different light.

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