This extensive renovation of an historic 1880’s St. John’s Street residence was undertaken by Mix Design Studio. It is located in Jefferson Park, an area of Toronto, Canada, on a site that measures approximately 3,000 square feet.

One of the most striking features of this apartment is its white painted brick walls that make the space look either dark or extremely hot.

Its renovation was complete in 2013 and the result is a series of open spaces throughout that include a large family area inside the original plan, as well as various private spaces.

One of the most striking features in the master bedroom is the structure behind the door, a series of thick wooden beams that cross the room and support the painted white brick walls.

In the common areas, these beams take on a more sculptural role. In one corner, they feature horizontal wood beams that support a large wooden island.

The dining room, kitchen, and living areas all have wooden floors. Throughout, the walls have been painted white.

The kitchen, decorated in minimalist gray shades, has a large island that functions as a bar.

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