This innovative renovation and addition of an existing mid century apartment in Hartford, Connecticut is led by Alvin Klein.

The project involves a complete remodel of an open space located on the ground floor and 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Floor Renovation in Hartford by Alvin Klein:

“The project is a renovation and addition of an existing mid century apartment located in the Lower East Side. The owners desired a clean modern interior with a focus on great views.

The original layout was a poor attempt to meet functional requirements set in the existing polygonous layout of the building and with little connection to the outside space. The views from the main living space were unimposed and made to appear as a wide expanse of space rather than an limited width. The proposal of convex door and closet wall aligns the indoor interior and the exterior orientation. The existing layout was reorganized in an L shape so that the living space has an open view to the garden. A new low base panel protects the stair from the remains of the original column. A new section connects the kitchen to the new living space and extends into the new entry which is tucked into the natural wooded side of the block to appear as a prominent surface in the contrastive interplay of the two materials.

Finishing materials and construction techniques were readily available. This was a project to open up the perceived spatial relationship through reusing existing conditions and cues. This project is our first built project actionGroup of industrial construction. The main flow of this project is facilitated by the new layout and reconfiguration of internal and external spaces. We developed the use of stainless steel as a building material with extensive use to hold an aesthetic function. This has resulted in a building with great visual expanses that go far beyond the original plumbing layouts and were conceived as a dynamic and ornate collection of vessels vessels.”

Photos by: Peter Molick

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