When faced with the conundrum of choosing the right angle for every piece of furniture, designers have to find ways to make the spaces both functional and aesthetically pleasing from room to room. With the task being to maximize storage and to create a relaxing ambiance, the team at Sullivan Concrete & Stone decided to go for an asymmetrical approach when it came to flooring the renovated grand area of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The residence is organized on three levels and the kitchen and the dining space occupy the first floor. They are connected to a terrace and a lap pool which extends next to a small area occupied by the garage. The ground floor contains the social areas and the bedrooms are placed at the bottom.

A concrete staircase with oak plank treads leads up to a hallway which opens onto the pool area. The marble flooring gives the entrance hall a warm and elegant look complemented by the design of the space designed to look like a sunken lounge.

At the end of the hall there’s a private area which includes the bedrooms of the residents as well as the children’s rooms. The exposed wooden beams with their rustic charm stand out against the crisp white backdrop and the result is a harmonious and very inviting decor.

The front facade leads to the backyard and the deck. The wooden deck seamlessly blends in with the concrete elements which define the rear section of the house.

The back facade is designed with the same type of beams. It’s made of brick and has oak flooring which allows it to blend in and to look as if the house is a part of the landscape.

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