This waterfront den is located in Fairfield, London, on the first floor of a beautiful Victorian terraced house. It has been completely renovated by Michael Fitzhugh who uses this waterfront property as a second home.

Designer Michael Fitzhugh was asked to create a spacious interior design where the old and new come together as one coherent space. After extensive research on Sydney’s Queen Anne Road, the creative designer came up with a budgeted plan that allowed him to maximize internal views while at the same time creating a connection between the old and the new interiors.

After demolishing the rear wall and opening up the rear garden, a new window extension was added, while the window beamed opened to bring more natural light into the kitchen.

Keeping the same level of purity was another important part of the renovation. The old kitchen was extended towards the family room with a concrete kitchen island which got a cushioned wooden floor.

The family room is generously lathed and gets its light from a large south facing aerial window. The timber floor of the dining room has been reworked into a surfboard garage. The concrete landmark seat takes advantage of the height of a small space. The design of the ceiling dissolves the cut out of the space, which offers the visitor a sweeping view of the sky.

Surrounded by a garden, the family room is well lit and the light feeling invades it. A secret bookcase, hidden behind a pair of industrial-style doors, tells the owner about what he loves to read when there is no other possibility.

The wall that has been transformed into a dining table has been covered with a black iron sheet, making it one of the focal points in the room. The bottom part of the bookcase appears to be floating, all designed by the architect to allow light in and to give the room a serene and relaxed feel.

All the woodenwork and state of the art appliances have been painted white to support the fresh minimalist theme that has been continued throughout the house.

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