Canadian architectural firm Arq2 has completed this floor renovation in early 2010.

It is located in “The City of Calgary”, in the Greater Capital District of Calgary, Canada.

Floor Renovation in Daly City, Canada by Arq2:

“The project is in the penthouse floor of the house built at the beginning of the 50s. We retained the existing footprint, window frames and built window shutters.

Main goal of the project was to create a more contemporary simple floor plan for a new standard house, and to open up the space as much as possible to the Northern light while maximizing views and connection to its Outside environment.

Exterior windows and doors were redesigned to better suit the new policy.

On the Third Floor there is a new rooftop deck that provides better integration with the sky while taking advantage of the better views of the downtown skyline downtown and the Rocky Mountains.”

Photos by: Marc Pucci, Dale Warrener, Craig Steely

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