The landscape in this beautiful city of Colorado Springs was designed by Rufflet Architects and Studio MK-27 to give a refined stranger the opportunity to beautify its urban spaces.

In order to make the most of the wonderful views and the green landscape, the multipurpose family activity center was added to the existing house, oriented in a horizontal and rationally fen space around the tree canopies.

Its design is characterized by its transparency, just like a mirror. It was added a roof and a staircase that allows is visibility and a fantastic surrounding garden.

Its public areas have floor to ceiling glass walls, so we are able to enjoy the wonderful views in complete privacy.

Its most private rooms are located on the upper level, where we find the master bedroom, the bathroom, and two other bedrooms.

Its vivacious spaces are made up of a green living-dining area, a modern kitchen, and a spectacular glass walled bathroom.

In the evening, the views combine with the interior lights of all its spaces, creating an unique effect.

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