This modern residence is a renovation project carried out by the Spanish architectural firm Shelwa and Showart in 2014.

It is located in Berkeley, California, USA, and has a bright and spacious interior.

Floor Renovation in Berkeley by Shelwa and Showart:

“The commission consists of an extensive remodel of a typical 1920’s Bay Area bungalow house in Berkeley with the addition of a new level and a exclusive ground floor.

The house is located in a typical “starter” neighborhood: a hilly region of San Francisco, with open spaces and light-colored wood siding. The existing house is a short distance from the San Francisco Arts District, which is a short distance to UC Berkeley, the home’s main avenue.

While existing restrictions limited the addition to the front portion of the house, the owners had a high degree of ambition and the desire to change the house to meet their needs and represent their appreciation for space, light, and the natural environment.

The central design concept was creating a large open plan within a tight envelope. Additional integrated spaces were defined by the addition of a glass volume to the rear, allowing the addition of a covered terrace.

The roof was extended to provide space for an exterior expanded concrete chimney which folds from ground level down the attached roof space, providing the roof and concrete chimney.

The fireplace chimney is taut and contained in a glass box that opens up the fire pit.

Additional storage and space walls were built, including a large laundry room, half of which opens to the front yard and incorporates a raised wood shelf and a wine rack.

The back of the living room and dining area was reconfigured with a seating area forming an L shape, including a small bench and a wood table with a matching wood cabinet.

The kitchen, which looks to be directly connected to the outside terrace, is composed of a long island which modifies kitchen use and decor.

The master bedroom and bathroom were remodeled, and the same carpentry was maintained throughout.”

Photos by: Alan Burgand

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