Waterbury, a water storage suburb in central London, UK has been chosen for the design of a generous church refurbishment in water storage suburb Waterbury. This 21,000 square foot, US$1.5 million / year construction, includes three church rooms, a movie theatre, indoor park, offices, a karabin, a fish market and a rooftop garden.

Designed by Craig Jack, principal of Eltham (a woodworker’s shop and place of fabrication in the heart of the town), this church tops 35 acres of land and is located right next to the heavily wooded hills surrounding Waterbury. The vast majority of the land is kept in a forested 6,000 year old footprint of the church, leaving little untouched. The restoration project, carried out by a team of professionals retained by the company, exposed the oldest surviving timber beams and creating impressive melding into the historic building.

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