This church storage unit was designed by Samberto S. Bonaventure ÍNico and Russell Arquitectos of Habitat Studio & Workshop.

The project is located in San Bueno Vista, eastern coastal city of Chile, 1400 meters (4,913 ft) south of Santiago.

The church was converted in 2008 and it has a 1,185 square meters (13,840 ft) area.

It has five levels, three of them visible from the inside, plus one more accessible from the outside, built behind a patio wall of high trees.

It has two levels, in two floors, with an inner space of 94 m2 (94 ft2) divided in three levels (ground floor and basement), and an upper level of 60 m2 (696 ft2).

It has one storeroom (one woman’s quarters) and one storeroom (one man’s quarters), plus one small gallery, and has 14 m2 (150 ft2) of external space and covered areas.

It has views of the hills and the Pacific Ocean.

Christian Schaller: picture from “Alvinia”.

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