This church, originally built in 1832, in the now 21st century, combination of renovated and non-renovated structure is a contemporary addition and renovation project. It is located near Davenport, Maryland, in the eastern part of the city, and near Rock Creek Falls, one of the two tidal estuaries in the Washington Aquatic Capital.

The church secondary school, originally built in 1907, faces the Potomac River and features a large stained glass window allowing a view of the river, as well as of a wood-framed television.

The painted wood window was restored with a glass-paneled frame, and the stained glass was obtained from discarded furniture that was accumulated during the renovation.

The dining room features glass doors that lead to the outdoor terrace, and we can see glass doors to the kitchen and the second bedroom. The bathroom is spacious, and has a mirror wall that gives the user the ability to have the look of being both inside and outside at the same time.

The wood of the interior was restored, and the floors received a double-glazed ceramic coating that protects them from the degradation of the environment.

This is a house in the mountains of Maryland, in the proximity of the river, that keeps the sacred atmosphere of the past, but also enables the owners to enjoy the modern facilities and modern life.{found on houzz, and images by Lin-Cedek Hristov}

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