This Church Renovation in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was designed by DDH.

The project involves renovating a brick Catholic church in the basement of a larger church.

This project is an ambitious one, to open up a renovated historic space to suit the needs of a contemporary lifestyle.

Boulder Renovation in Portsmouth by DDH:

“The Boden Church is located in the small town of Portsmouth, NH, overlooking a beautiful man made pond. Whilst the building has always been a stained glass masterpiece – due to the intertwining volumes, the facades have been clad in opaque grey glass. After extensive excavation, it was determined that a renovation of the church would be an essential response to boost the light, openness, and experience of the building.

Upon this request the architect and the consultant agreed to work in a unique way of structuring the original volumes into an open air experience, and using the high level of privacy afforded by the church. A centrally positioned void within the original volumes allows light to penetrate deep into the original church.

The void has been designed to create a depth of space that plays with the mouldings and the void itself within the church. The void is open to the sky and is the focus point of the church.

The carport and service areas have been removed from the central volume to allow a clear link between the old and the new addition.

In summary this renovation project is a beautiful example of how historic architecture can be adapted to meet modern lifestyle patterns.”

Photos by: Michael Wickham & Roger Hanna

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