The Church Renovation is a project carried out by Miller Hull Partnership.

It is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

The Church Renovation by Miller Hull Partnership:

“The project consists of interior and exterior renovation of a 1,184 sf church. The building is a wooden church that has been put on a parcelled rooftop overlooking the Tulip Bay. The conversion of the church to an entertainment studio for board games, jr boarding and various other summer gatherings had several goals: 1) the church deteriorated during the 1950’s; 2) it had been through a number of renovations; and 3) it had been hit by a hurricane fire that was swept across the city. The goal of the project was to preserve the character of the building while providing a major alterations and upgrades.

The interior destruction was extreme. Unnecessary partitions were removed, and the space was opened up to the exterior. A new mezzanine room has been added, containing a studio and a large kitchen, as well as a small bathroom, for shower and convenience. Two secondary bedrooms occupy the inside of the church. The structural support of the original church is preserved, and the exterior pre-gravitational improvements are carried over. The exterior alterations are carried out in a similar fashion.

The new mezzanine room is the project’s solution. Its light-filled addition opens the space up, provides light to the mezzanine area, and allows the visual penetration of the space into the front yard.

Two mid-level horizontal divisions define the interior. In this way, the front yard accommodates the entry, front porch, front patio, and sheds, thus preserving the structural integrity of the church. The mezzanine floor and roof are extended beyond the folding front wall to accommodate an outdoor shower.

The reconstruction of the existing mezzanine room by Miller Hull Partnership is extensive. The gothic proportions and simple detail of the exposed wood structure—brim and details—paint a mood of tranquility and relaxation.”

Photos by: Paul Warchol Photography

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