This church renovation is located in a suburb in Melbourne, Australia.

It was designed by Cahalson Architects and completed in 2013.

Church Renovation in Mobile, Australia by Cahalson Architects:

“This small church conversion in an inner suburban Melbourne suburb was designed to provide a small family with a private retreat from city living.

The size of the church has been limited by the available accommodation needs of the client, with the other two extra bedrooms not needed.

The design has been carefully considered to maximize the size of space available, retain the existing features of the church, and create a space that respects the scale of the existing building.

This includes retaining the existing feature of the Spanau rogette column with its detailed wood veneer, stained glass windows and arched door, and custom-made arch space.

Other features of the church include a water tower which has been retained and converted into a quiet personal prayer room, a mezzanine room accessible by a matching door, and a rear room with a small kitchen and service areas.

This historic church is home to many beautiful buildings, and has many outstanding features which have been preserved throughout the renovation and conversion. For example the arched window in the north side has been preserved during the conversion, and the stained glass has been seen clearly as a retention of the old building. There is a strong relationship between the historical character of the church and the neighbourhood, as the street grows more and more crowded, and old and displaced buildings are replaced by new and modern structures.

This particular church is one of a kind and is a wonderfully preserved element of its history.

It is fortunate that this unique and well-preserved element has been allowed to flourish and thrive in the neighbourhood.

Photos by: Patrick Rodriguez

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