This contemporary renovation project is a 2012 project by Nomad Architects that can be found in the Manchester, England suburb of Manchester Channels.

One of the original of this church dating back to 1873, the structure has a large gothic style exterior.

This project may be no longer in operation, but is still popular with tourists because it offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Tourist Perch at Bonmersdorf by Nomad Architects:

The power, beauty and history of the building will be referenced in the renovated exterior and the cafe, restaurant and art gallery.

The total roof area of the building is around 650 sqm and the total budget was £250,000,000 (€315,000 as refurbishment and interior design). The historic brickwork of the church is included in the re-design with traditional veneer metal work.

The touristic concrete door at the entrance to the café is protected by a sloping roof surface 4 millimetres and 3 millimetres high. The room with the high ceiling is accessed from the attic. The shared bathroom opens onto a garden patio between the front and back parts of the church.”

Photos by: Michael Werner – ArchDaily

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