When moving into their new home, bedding certainly wasn’t the priority; however, in closing up the space in the kitchen, the owners gave the building a complete renovation to really maximize its functionality. One of the most important pieces of the renovation was the kitchen area as it got a new layout with new houses, therefore, it had to be reorganized and its kitchen was selected to be the heart of the house. After this, the bathroom, dining room and living room were also renovated and extra storage space was cleverly spread throughout the house.

Even though this is small home, it has everything one needs to feel comfortable and reap the best of both worlds. The furniture chosen also matched the new look of the house. So if you own a small place then feel free to adopt this approach as well.

The kitchen is spacious and the storage is great. A clean white and black kitchen is accompanied by black cabinets placed on a polished concrete floor. In the right side of the kitchen island there is even an oven. One of the most important and attractive parts of this house is the big swimming pool. It offers great views and it’s a space for relaxation and entertainment. The property also has a large courtyard with a tree in the center. It’s a small gathering space but it’s enough for the owners to feel good about it.

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