This recently-renovated Kansas City church was the first church conversion in the area ever since Thomas Edison first stepped in office in 1954. It may seem like a fun place to keep in, but in this case the cozyness can get a little overwhelming.

The church converted into a residence is actually much more than just an extension of its living space. In this case, the church actually serves as the main home for the Southern California Edison school, as part of the Extension Program. It’s a relatively small building that has a simple brick exterior, like most of the houses in the neighborhood.

The style chosen for the interior décor is eclectic, with a rustic and a modern influence. The walls are often lined with framed photos and artwork, and there’s a certain cozy and comfortable atmosphere in there. The exposed brick walls are sometimes painted white without just placing the artwork on them.

The ground floor is occupied by a kitchen, a service room, a bathroom and the dining area. The dining table is made of wood and it has a simple and elegant design. The kitchen has white cabinets and a minimalist design. The rest of the house has white brick walls painted white. The living area is relatively large, featuring a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and a dining area.{found on nytimes}

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