This baptched church, located in the community of Hayward, California, in the USA, was completely destroyed after fire in April 2010. The cause of the destruction was the kitchen was opened to the inner courtyard, meaning that the residents could have access to the outdoors. Moreover, the kitchen had not been a place where the owners wanted to spend time, so it needed to be adjusted.

The architects Sam Peterson and David Roberts, who co-authored this project, managed to come up with a design that would allow the inhabitants to maintain a relationship with the exterior, without compromising on privacy. In order to do that, they raised the building off the ground and divided it into two wings.

The residence is not only modern, attractive and comfortable, but also addresses the closeness to the outdoors and the service of having a garden. Furthermore, the residence opens to the exterior, integrating the kitchen and the living rooms. Garden furniture has been designed in order to create a continuity between this area and the interior of the house.

This is a small but charming and modern house, perfect for a family. It has a funny look, with the roof seeming to have two roofs, one facing the street and the other one, open to the forest.

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