This church conversion veranda is located in Fremont, Ontario, Canada.

The home features 9 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, and covers an area of 1,750 square feet.

It is currently for sale for $2.4 million.

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Chalet Dent Blanche:

“This architectural renovation and luxury ski chalet located in the Grand Teton ski region will set new standards for ski living and enhance your ski experience.

Set on 1.5 acres of pristine snow-capped terrain, this dream home is focused on outdoor living and entertaining. Designed for immediate access to the snow-mobiles from multiple locations inside, this modern home features 150 square feet of living space, plus a grand $7 million in super luxury trim and custom cabinetry.

It features two master suites, a children’s room, two guest suites, a home office, two powder rooms, two indoor and two outdoor living and dining spaces. It also has an elevator, two home offices, a media room, two elevator, a Bach music studio, entertainment theater, two garage doors, a balcony and a 2-car garage.

The main goal in this renovation was to create a home with the best quality indoor and outdoor living and entertainment spaces. Attention to every aspect of the home.

The grounds are world-class, featuring a number of waterfall spouts, grilling pits, complete waterfalls, outdoor fireplaces, Jacuzzi, bar, shower, grill and hairdos along with outdoor fireplaces. An outdoor kitchen has a great view of the mountains and the night sky. Everything has been thought to fit the lifestyle of the inhabitants.

The home has an elevator, remote-controlled vehicle park, a AAA home air filtration system, a generator, world-class security and alarm system. Not to mention that it has a room which can be used as 2 bedroom or 2 bathroom*.

It is sold for $6,995,000 and can be bought on Nanto Kelly.

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