We are so close to the holidays that we are pared to just think of the Christmas tree as a decoration. However, when outside of our house we still carry a Christmas tree .It is a manufactured holiday tree that is partially garlands decorated with ornaments. I remember that my grandma used to place small tinsel trees at her home and that she used to make some very beautiful and nice illuminated Christmas trees .I guess the point is that we still need a Christmas tree even if everyone is tired of the old one or almost so tired of its boring existence.

So I found a very interesting and funny old Christmas tree , which is actually a bare glass jar colour, and I may say it is perfect for my taste. It is so beautifully designed and coloured and shiny that it makes a perfect little Christmas tree, all decorated in a very realistic manner. It is white but it can be coloured with red little mistletoe , with tiny red bows and hidden small bottlebrush trees around it that are absolutely adorable. It is perfect for my taste and it is made of glass and fake wood . You can use it for a storage space, too, leaving a room half empty for spending a few Christmas days.

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