If you’re looking for a beautiful place to call home, look no further. This renovated church conversion in Denver, Colorado was designed by DVRDV Architecture and is the perfect place to start.

Located in the heart of Downtown, the old church is made of wood and brick, giving the home an old school feel that blends perfectly with its surrounding ranch style setting. A large sectional in the living room is flanked by two leather sectional and one built-in couch, providing seating for three.

The kitchen is spacious, light and bright, with colors and finishes that step out to make the space even more inviting. The home office, also located in the ground level, embraces a bolder look with a big, bright desk and chair for two. Its flooring is done in wood with a bright blue color.

In the upstairs, we have the master bedroom, another expansion of the home. The wooden platform bed doubling as storage space always looks comfortable with a book on top, and the stool beside it can be used as a pair of coffee tables. Huge windows and sliding glass doors bring the outside in.

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