After being destroyed by a landslide, in 2009 a parish in Bridgeport, Connecticut got a new and improved church.

The project was completed in 2012 and the project was divided into a series of smaller inherit tents.

The tents are organized around a central courtyard that functions as a public space, entertainment area and playground for the children.

The tents are surrounded by an elevated park courtyard.

The tents are organized around an inner courtyard that includes a fountain and a staircase that connect the outer space of the garden to the one used for the living spaces.

The site includes a landfill, a grass toilet and a wood burning fire pit.

The tents have hardwood frames, plywood ceilings, aluminum frames and t hat can be either heat or fire-resistant.

The total living area of the tents is around 47 square meters (5706 square feet).

The tents were custom designed to fit the cubic profile of the site and their Pythagoras polystone frame was optimized using a CNC machine while the framing was built off-site and then transported to the site.

The footprint of the building was kept small and this included the total of seven small storage berms, one to be applied to the tents and another one near the existing landfill.

All the tents were positioned to maximize the views with the park next to the front gate and the trash bins built into the framework of the tents to support the deck.

All the wood used for the interior design was salvaged from the building that used to sit next to the quarry.

The tents have several different designs, all of which were designed using simple materials such as metal, concrete and wood. They can be customized and used as temporary shelters during the economic crisis crisis and during the Olympics.

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