The Church Renovation in Bonita Springs Church Heights is a project completed by Creative Architecture in 2012.

The home is located in Bonita Springs, .

Church Renovation in Bonita Springs by CRE Architects:

“When a neighbouring church was demolished, the property became very rural and inhospitable.

To make it a comfortable home for a young family of five and a big family of four, we decided to divide the church into two buildings, with a spacious reception area, Bible room, a children’s room, playroom and a large multipurpose room.

We put the new buildingels between the original church walls, as a contemporary addition to the landscape.

From the road, it looks like a post-reception for the new church addition. The building faces the church grounds and is surrounded by farmland and orchards.

When we set out the site plan, we met our clients and told them what exactly we wanted to achieve in this project.

From there, it didn’t take us too much time to develop the design, to choose the lots, even thinking about locations and how to work them into the site plan for the most efficient and functional way possible.

The plane of the new building is resting subtly on the old, but cleanly ornamented church walls, with a lift allowing us to open the building up to the outside, and to allow the traditional church outer court to be preserved.

We don’t want to disturb the court with too much glazing, just want to protect the inner core of the church, which is now a huge floor-to-ceiling window. The Gothic features inside, which have been very clearly left untouched in the new building.

We aren’t doing a modern renovation here, but we are very clear that we don’t want to bring a modern touch to the old church. We want the old building restored to its former glory. We also want the building to be brought back to life.”

Photos by: Peter Bennetts

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