This church, located in the neighborhood of Jean-Talonné, in the city of Baton Rouge, France, was recently renovated and refurnished in order to meet the needs of its new visitors. The project was carried out by Chantal Mirweres Interior Design.

The project consisted of the removal of an existing building that occupied the top two floors of a hundred years of Spanish colonial heritage. The building was in very good condition and had several terraces where the owners wished to have a new meeting room. In order to make this possible, a big portion of the ground floor was demolished and a new church was built.

Its interior, which was expanded in the most efficient way possible, was totally redesigned, and the result is a space much larger than its current owners would ever want and which is perfect for hosting visitors.

The floors, the ceiling, the stairs, and some of the furniture have been painted white, which has become one of the most common and striking details of the interior.

The furniture has been placed in such a way that it creates a cozy and, by extension, perfect environment for spending time in peace while reading, admiring the views, or simply relaxing. The only decoration that remained, though, was the painting by the Revilly Arhitekti, the last painting belonging to the client’s brother.

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