When building a church you have to take into consideration the fact that is wasn’t originally intended to be used for any religious purpose and, even if there were religious elements, they have to be integrated in the whole project. So a very good idea is to use the “Dimistre Structures” from Arquitectonica as inspiration. This is the Piedmont church. It’s located in Atlantic City, New York and it underwent a rather stressful process involving several alterations and the closure of two churches.

The project was developed by Purveyor Architecture and the challenge was to reconstruct the archibald of the church in three words: at “The Divine Cross”, “Cinque Verde and” “Magnificum Christi”. The interior of the church had to be completely redesigned and it also needed to be enlarged in order to become open to the public. For that a process that took 2 years was required.

The architects managed to create a variety of spaces, each with its own character and also with its own particularities. There’s a school, school of drama, a bookstore, a coffee place, a juice bar, a restaurant, an artist’s studio, a pool stall, a chapel, a rain-water harvesting area and a roof garden. This would be the exterior of the church. The interior, however, needed some changes.

The church was basically reduced to ruins and the majority of its walls had to be removed. Also, the church got an impressive and sculptural look and it seems now that it has a new space to restore its original beauty. The color palette was the biggest change of course. The new interior is mostly white, a very beautiful and neutral color that creates a classy atmosphere while also providing a cozy atmosphere.

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