If you are looking for a strategy to maximize the storage of a small apartment, then this may be the perfect solution for you.

Also, the result is very impressive. The designer Adam Madden transformed the neglected bedroom of a well known doctor into a spacious and bright bedroom with a deck owned by the client himself. If you are impressed with the look of the interior, then you also might be impressed with the floor plan. The idea behind the reconstruction was to create a bed and a workspace for the user to use in the bedroom.

The bed is positioned under the window overlooking the courtyard and the deck. The kitchen is spacious, modern and is equipped with the latest appliances. In order to create a uniform design, the architect started with the flooring, which was covered with white tiles. This gave the rooms a clean look and made everything bright.

This bedroom is the most picturesque room of the entire apartment. Here, the wallpaper brings the old colorful walls of the room mixed with a modern design, creating a unique mix. The result is a simple, elegant and modern apartment with big spaces and big openings.

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