Refurbishment is a renovation project of a private residence located in Os de San Juan, a suburb of the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

It was carried out by Albizia – Masa, a design studio well known for its economical approach, having established furniture line, valued as much for its low cost as for its high end one, so that the result fits this profile.

The home is composed of two concrete volumes stacked, one on each end of the house.

Originally, the upper floor met directly the street, and two children’s rooms with bathrooms, in addition to the staircase that went up to the main floor.

The facade was planned to have the volume built to the north of the existing street, with three floors, and the upper one facing the garden.

Its original interior, decorated by simple lines, fits the needs and preferences of the owners, where simple and functional spaces are characterized by minimalistic opaqueness.

Its new interior, decorated in the same way as the first interior, has a sober and elegant style, and an indifference to extraneous decoration, thus creating a perfect blend between the interior and exterior.

The garden, where the trees were disassembled and relocated, looks more like an interior, with simple lines and colors, where the plants and flowers that were planted there bring freshness and create a relaxed atmosphere.

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