This apartment renovation in Kaneohe, Ikebana, was undertaken by KC Design Studio.

The home is located in Seibu, Hy?go Prefecture, and was completed in 2013.

Seibu City Renovation in Kaneohe by KC Design Studio:

“It is the story of a typical Ikebana house, which was constructed in 1961. The garden has been designed with bamboo, and there is a large tree in the front and the back of the house, and faces the road as well as the house itself.

I built this house to be a place where I can grow up and nurture my family.

This house is located on the last floor of a three-storey building. The client bought one single-roomed apartment. I decided to rip all of the rooms and the place into the balcony, creating a one-roomed space with light-filtering access.

The living area was extended one and a half floor. I built an open kitchen, combining the dining and sitting room into one.

The bathroom was extended one and a half floor. The sleeping area was extended one and a half floors.

The original marble wall was exposed and became the main focus of the room.

The sweeping illuminated garden, made of tough stone, became the main attraction of the room.

The living/dining room balcony, made of wooden flooring, became the bright point of the room.

The metal frame stairs, made of wooden railing, appeared above the white wall, separating the living and dining room from the balcony.

The rooms introduced into the dark hallway, make the crossing path.

The master bedroom, incorporating a bath- and dressing room, appeared behind the living room. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the bathroom lightened up the space and the floor-to-ceiling windows of the bedroom amplify the light.

The sliding door of the bathroom, of metal and wood, was not only made to enlarge the bedroom, but also made to cut out the space between the bathroom and the bedroom.

Glossy colored glass tiles, set to match the changing environment, filter the sunlight, soften the sharp angles of the hotel and to add depth to the white spaces.

We used upcycled furniture and objects, selected from the various categories of public and private (living room, kitchen, parlor), as well as vintage furniture, from the rest of the hotel.

As the subject of a crucial part in the operation of the hotel, the green roof plays a double role as one of filtration for the capital city smell.

In addition to a team of architects and designers, VGH RTA became a full team of craftsmen from the modish CGNY show, NEA, and FoMojo+.

The project was realized in three rooms. The first took almost two years to develop. It involved convincing, through a series of challenges, many of which were definable. A steep commission, the non-traditional route in the leasing apparatus, and the super-imposed budget limit transformed the project into a challenge.

The second phase took about 14 months and the problem with the existing building was still there. But thanks to the good collaboration with the construction companies, we now have a finished design which is as good as its predecessor.

The third phase consisted of finding designers and editors and proposing the project, through simple but clear instructions. Finally, the project team met to closely sketch with the client and answer their questions. They answered all these and received feedback from many of their clients.

The result became the core of the project. The apartment has a high ceiling, large windows and a large bookcase which is divided into different zones. The living room features a drawing area with the roof window and the large panels that support the swing of the balcony above the kitchen and windows. The goal was to make the room as bright as possible without compromising functionality.

The apartment is divided in two different zones. The first one is the guest area with the bedroom and bathroom, the second one is the actual living area including the living room and dining area.

The colors and materials used are simple and warm. The ceiling is black and conceals the wiring for the light. In addition to that, the double height space guarantees panoramic views of the neighborhood. The apartment is very spacious and it has been creatively decorated without losing its simplicity.{found on archdaily and pics by Cristina Gaeta}.

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