The bedroom is in most every case the room that has the least amount of influence on the exterior design of a house, and in this case, it’s the front door that sets the tone. Before you can even step foot inside, you have to get past this stone-covered wall and enter the room. From there, you have to remove the metal curtain and open up the roof line. And then, as you step past the glass, you see that the hallway is well-cared down and the floor is properly laid out, making the room look both inviting and welcoming.

The renovation took place in the city of Detroit, Michigan and it consisted of a complete renovation of a 200 year old brick house. The west side of the house was transformed into two bedrooms while the north part was transformed into a study and home office for the owners. The brickwork has been preserved and maintained, giving the house character and personality.

The north side creates a barrier between the living room and the kitchen, causing a decrease in the amount of light which enters the room. The glass doors and the roof open perfectly to allow the breeze in, but also to allow natural light to enter the small room. The white oak floor is the perfect witness for the history of the house.{found on houzz}.

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